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Storm Chase DVDs

The most comprehensive storm chasing video collection in Australia is available now for purchase.

This includes a wide variety of video footage since 1996. This video collection represents the best of our Australian and US footage and currently includes 27 DVDs. We are meticulous editors.

So the result is back to back impressive structure, spectacular lightning shows, giant hailstones, even tornado footage.
Storm Chase DVDs

Our DVDs incorporate captions to ensure you don't get lost in the jargon storm chasers often use! Feel a part of the chase as we take you on the journey to the unknown. At only AU$20 each, simply sit back and relax.

Stock Footage
A growing number of the famous Australian Severe Weather storm chasing footage is appearing on the Youtube Channel. These include the famour Tornado 2004 tornado season, the Australian tornado at Dunoon 2007, major catastropic hailstorms, incredible and scary lightning shows, timelapse of specatcular storm structures and shelf clouds, motherships, and of course educational annotations have been added in some of the DVDs. More services are available at violent skies and thunderbolt tours

Weather Webcam

---> Live Webcam, AWS and Weather Timelapse

weather webcam weather webcam weather webcam

Enjoy the spectaular view on the Far North Coast of Northeast NSW with two webcams. Includes observations from the McLeans Ridges automatic weather station. Live timelapse animations are also available along with an archive back to mid March 2009. Weather webcams are different from the type of webcams found on laptops or PCs.

Video Stills

---> Video Stills Catalog

Contains a spectacular array of weather images captured from storm chase videos - lightning, giant hail, supercells, tornadoes and more.

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australian videos
Check out the Australian Stock Footage video gallery for a sample of our vast collection since 1996. The latest live stock footage is on metacafe - lightning, violent storms and tornadoes.

Recent Australian Footage

26th October 2007
Dunoon, NSW

[ASW Forum discussion]

Dunoon Tornado with Substation Explosion [12.9mb WMV]

7th February 2007
Lithgow, NSW

[ASW Forum discussion]

Classic Supercell Rotation [3.4mb WMV]
Classic Supercell Storm Chase (flash video web page)

More videos available here...

tornado alley videos
The Tornado Alley Stock Footage video gallery only represent a sample of footage chasing the US since 2001. The latest live stock footage is on metacafe - lightning, violent storms and tornadoes.

Recent Tornado Alley Footage

5th May 2006
Patricia, Texas, USA

[Storm News Forum report]

Up close and personal video [33mb MPG] of spectacular anti-cyclonic tornado right next to the road complete with inflow jets.

Tornado becoming larger and impressive contrast [3.77mb WMV]

Longest pulsating lightning bolt I have ever seen - lasts about 3 seconds [2.49mb WMV]

More videos available here...

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